Dr. Bone in the News

Dr. Bone in the News

Publications and Writings (e.g. Articles) 

  • Author, “Cannabis: Not Just a Delivery System for THC [Link]
  • Columnist, “Surviving Life,” Palm Beach Post, Cox Syndications, October (2006 – 2014)
  • Columnist, “Medicine and Miracles,” Vive Magazine, (2001 – 2007)
  • Author, Cancer What Next? Healthy Learning 2010
  • Author, A Journey Through Cancer, Desert Ministries 2001
  • Author, Difficulty of Fetal Monitoring in a Fetus with Intracardiac Tumors, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Vol 73, No X, Part 2, (1989)

Lectures and Speaking (e.g. Podcasts)

  • “Endocannabinoids and the Endocrine System”; CBD Expo East, December 2018                      
  • “Setting Standards and Guidelines in a Medical Marijuana Clinic” American Medical Marijuana Physicians Assn, August 2018 [Program Guide]
  • Conscious Craft Podcast [Link]
  • Beyond Medicine Podcast [Link]
  • YWCA of Palm Beach “After Breast Cancer: My Survivorship Rollercoaster.” [Announcement]
  • Dr Melanie Bone Featured on WPEC CBS 12 to discuss Breast Cancer Awareness [Link]

Media Attention (e.g. Press Releases) 

  • Dr. Bone leads new CBD Treatment Program for the elderly with MorseLife [link]
  • Dr. Bone is interviewed on her leadership in the field of women’s health and cannabis [Link]
  • Dr. Melanie Bone selected to lead the Medical Marijuana Program for the nationally recognized leader in geriatric care, MorseLife Health Systems [Link].
  • Dr. Bone offers an expert opinion in an article by Medmen about Cannabis and Cramps [Link].
  • Dr. Bone offers her expert opinion on how cannabis can affect sexual health and wellness with The Fix [Link] and The Verge [Link].
  • Dr. Bone discusses her non-profit work helping those impacted by Breast Cancer with Everyday Health [Link].
  • Dr. Bone discusses the life events involving her son that turned her from anti-cannabis to pro-cannabis [Link]