Resources + Information

Florida Medical Marijuana Visual Guide

A fun, visual website that helps explain medical marijuana laws in Florida. What can be covered and how to get treated!

Office of Medical Marijuana

The office that manages licensing and oversees medical marijuana practices in Florida.

Florida Marijuana Dispensaries

A comprehensive list of dispensaries across Florida, sorted by city.

Medical Marijuana Use Registry

Online registry, now accepts online payments!

Cannabis 101

A beginner's guide to Cannabis by one of the most popular cannabis websites.

Florida Physician Guidelines

A quick guide on the training and requirements required for physicians in medical marijuana.

Florida DoH Marijuana Resource Page

A selection of resources to help patients and caregivers.

Cannabis Health News

A great news source for news on cannabis in the health industry.

Rules & Regulations

A comprehensive source of rules and regulations regarding medical marijuana in Florida.

Florida Medical Marijuana News

News and Announcements about Medical Marijuana in Florida. Great for keeping up-to-date!

American Medical Marijuana Physicians Association

A medical association dedicated to providing the best resources to support medical marijuana physicians.

National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

An advocacy group aiming to change the image of cannabis.

National Cannabis Industry Association

"The Voice of the Cannabis Industry". An advocacy group focusing on education and community support.


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